DNA Payments Welcomes First Payment Merchant Services

Dear Customers of FPMS

We’re delighted to announce FPMS is now a part of DNA Payments Group, joining a larger group of payments solution providers.

As part of the DNA Payments Group, you’ll have access to a wide range of new quality and bespoke payment services and products.

Your FPMS team is still ready to support and care for your needs. With FPMS working alongside DNA teams, we’re sure that we’ll be able to provide you with more solutions and services of the highest quality and security levels.

We’ve prepared answers to some questions you may have on this Q&A page. Please feel free to explore these and fill out the form on the Contact page to get in touch with FPMS’ support for further information.

FPMS is now part of DNA Payments Group

FPMS is now part of the DNA Payments Group, and together with DNA teams, we’ll work extremely hard to develop and implement new services. We aim to provide FPMS customers with a range of niche, high-quality solutions and services at very competitive rates.

About DNA Payments Group

DNA Payments Limited, founded by Arif Babayev and Nurlan Zhagiparov, is one of the largest independent, fully vertically integrated omnichannel payments companies in the UK and EU.

It includes Optomany, which services large corporates and medium-sized businesses; 123 Send Limited and Active Payments, which provide services to SME customers. DNA Payments is also one of the largest providers of PaaS and SaaS services to multinational Acquirers and Banks.

DNA Payments currently services 50,000 merchants across the UK and EU, with over £800 million processed monthly; 25 million transactions monthly; and over 70,000 POS terminals in use worldwide.

With headquarters in London and operational hubs in Kent, Cheshire and Oxford, DNA Payments Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide payment services under the Payment Services Regulations 2017.

DNA Payments recently raised 100 million GBP financing from UK based Private Equity firm Alchemy Partners.


For Existing Merchants

What will happen to FPMS as a part of the DNA Payments Group?

FPMS will exist as the brand you know, and even the logo will be similar for now. All that’ll be changing is the ownership and the broadening of FPMS’ product and solution offerings as part of the Group.

What does this mean to me as an existing merchant of FPMS?

In short, it’s business-as-usual. The FPMS team is here to support you as they’ve always done, so there is no need to worry, and you can continue using FPMS services as usual.

What will change?

Although it is business as usual for you as a customer, once FPMS’ offerings and procedures align with DNA’s, we’ll be ready to provide something new and exciting to you as a customer of FPMS, with lots of exciting future developments, modern terminals, products, and niche opportunities.

When will these new products and solutions become available to us?

FPMS team is working hard with DNA, so we can offer you these new products and solutions as part of any new contract agreement or upgrade. If you’re currently looking to explore what’s available to you as an existing customer, please get in touch with our dedicated sales team.

I want something unique; can you provide this?

Depending on your requirements, we can also consider unique, bespoke solutions with our large and expert development team tailored to your needs. Our unique solutions can include customised merchant portals, white labelling, branding, or a variety of in-store, onsite and online payment solutions to provide a complete payments ecosystem for your business, meeting the omnichannel environments where your customers reach you.

How will my invoicing and account be affected?

Your accounts, invoicing, and contracts with FPMS will remain the same as before; any changes will be communicated to you in a timely fashion. 

How will settlements be handled?

There’ll be no changes to your contract, so any Terms & Conditions you agreed to with FPMS, including settlement procedures, will remain the same.

Who's my contact?

You’ll retain your current FPMS contact, who you should not hesitate to call with any queries. 

Will FPMS support stay the same?

We’ll be expanding FPMS customer support and investing in the medium to long term. The new level of support available will provide FPMS customers access to even better customer services than before. Please feel free to get in touch using your existing customer support phone number, and we’ll be happy to help you.

How can I raise any concerns?

To raise any concerns you may have, you can do this using the complaints procedure detailed on your current contract with FPMS.

General Information

What about Security?

Security for our customers is at the heart of everything we do.

The systems we’ve developed protect customer data across the entire payments chain, reducing merchants’ ever-increasing compliance burden and freeing you to focus on building your business. 

What regulations do you have in place?

We’re GDPR compliant and always treat the data entrusted to us with respect. You can view our privacy policy here to view how we process your data as a customer. 

DNA Payments Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 630775 to provide payment services under the Payment Services Regulations 2017. The company is registered in England and Wales (No.03736624); 123Send Registered Office: Building 40, Churchill Square, Kings Hill, Kent, ME19 4YU; DNA Payments Limited Registered Office: 123 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 9SH.


Additional product access for FPMS sales partners

DNA Payments Group is a vertically integrated payments company. We work with a wide variety of payment methods, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Pay by Bank, Klarna, Pay by Link, Open Banking, and other leading payments gateways. We’re now omnichannel, which means we can offer both card-present and eCommerce solutions. Solutions such as Direct Acquiring Services, Customised Checkout Pages, Customised Terminal Software, Quick Direct Onboarding, and much more will be included, with everything in one place. 

Where should suppliers send their invoices?

Invoices should be sent to the same contacts as before; this process may change over time which will be communicated in a timely fashion.

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