Online shopping driving customers away from the high street


Leaving the high street behind


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Preference or necessity ?

Is shopping online a preference or simply a reality in the world we currently live in? Everyone seems to be busier than ever before and with advances of technology bringing everything we need to our finger tips, is it any surprise that our local High Streets are suffering.

This trend has been increasing year on year and we’re all too familiar in seeing High Street giants close their doors due to not moving with the times.

From Brick to Click

While some consumers might prefer online shopping, others might love the experience of shopping in a store. Others, though, might wonder why they have to choose between the two at all.

More people today shop online for convenience, but still visit shops for the experience. Although they may not buy as much when visiting the shops they still enjoy having the choices.

How long will there be a choice ?

Who’s to Blame ?

It’s easy to point the finger at the shoppers in the demise of the High Street shops but is this really the case? Lets take the time to think why we started shopping online, did we stumble across this by accident. We as consumers were driven online by shops offering discounts and a vast array of products at your finger tips.

Not all shops are to blame for this as many would prefer you visit them physically, but it is outwith their control and simply if they don’t keep up then the future may be grim.

High street blog

Its not all bad news for the shops on the High Street as there are options available to help keep the customers walking through the doors. One of the most common ways retailers are joining online and offline shopping is with a “buy online, pick up in store” option. The customer enjoys the convenience but the shop owner then has the opportunity to entice the customer with other products.

Innovative brands are creating dedicated shopping apps to encourage customers to access valuable information online while browsing the shelves in store, further blending digital and physical worlds.

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