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This is a dreadful time for the country, people’s health and all the businesses throughout the land. As we seek guidance from daily updates on how to stay safe and look after our loved ones, we must consider what affect this is having on business.

During this time of ever-increasing isolation provides business owners the opportunity to get their ducks in order with respect to cost reduction. This forced down time caused by a horrendous virus must be used to positively dissect our businesses and create a plan of how we can improve and drive the business forward.

Staying positive is the key, channel your energy into those things in your business that’s always left to another due to you being too busy to look at it. Let’s start with reducing costs for charges when using your card machines:

  • Do you know what you are being charged every time someone uses your card machine?
  • How much are you paying for the card machine alone each
  • month, does it accept all modern payment methods like Contactless, Apple Pay or Android Pay to name a few?
  • Has your business outgrown the card machine, do you have a desktop machine but a portable wireless one would suit your needs better?

These are some of the things as business owners we can proactively start looking into to reduce costs where necessary and enhancing the functionality.

Cost reduction

Systems & Hardware

The same rationale can be applied to your Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS), is it giving you value and assistance in running your business. Your system should streamline services, enhance customer service and provide in depth reports on how your business is running.

Review Current Costs

Your business finances can also be checked thoroughly and if required options explored especially if you already use a card machine as there are funding options available to you. Merchant cash advance can assist in freeing up cash, visit our Business Finance page for more details.

New technology is always being developed to enhance businesses and provide a better customer experience, by making payments easier and quicker. First Payment Merchant Services have a range of solutions available that can address any point raised to assist you and your business, contact us today to see how we can help.

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