The Original

Bottoms Up

First Payments brings to you the original Bottoms Up System with integrated card payments


Warp Speed

From Premiership Football and Rugby stadiums to international festivals, bars and restaurants, this revolutionary technology is taking the industry by storm. This system is times faster at pouring pints than traditional tap methods with the added benefit of being automated, cutting staffing costs.

Bottoms Up

How It Works

The glasses have a magnet that sits on the hole at the bottom, when the cup is placed on the dispenser it pushes up the magnet breaking the seal and beer is allowed to flow into the cup.

Bottoms up


These glasses are also available branded to ensure your business or logo is always in the customers view.

The Benefits

Less staff, quicker and increased efficiency in pouring when operating the system and this system has almost no waste from a keg and can pour on average 44 pints a minute. The benefits don’t stop there as the dispensing units are available on trolleys for temporary placement during busy periods and with our integrated payment solutions its not only the beer that’s the fast payments are taken just as quick. With a national proposal at Government level to ban the sale of non recyclable cups in line with EU directive our system satisfies this in advance for you.  All cups are recyclable.